Book Review! Number 47 by Hannah R. Palmer

by Day Shepard, April 26, 2021

In this short thriller we enter what seems like an ordinary life of young woman named Sarah. That is until we walk on a disturbing path inside her mind and realize her dark intentions towards a young gentlemen. What lies beyond that path is for readers to find out on their own and trust me, you’ll want to find out. The moral of this story that I got from reading it was don’t be fooled by appearances because you never know what happens behind closed doors.

My Thoughts

Before going into this book review, I would like to mention how well descriptive this book was. The author did a swell job of crafting such detailed work with twists and turns, disturbing moments and an ending that left me speechless. All key points that I look for in horror/thriller books.

The beginning of this story was a fantastic build up to the ending. Learning about the characters and their habits, but not knowing them on a deeper level until later in the book was interesting and well written. Also, I absolutely love a book that keeps me guessing and then proves my guesses wrong.

There are parts later in the book that allow readers to get a new insight of the main character. I personally think those were perfectly placed because by the time you read them, you’re already hooked to the book and reading that sudden new insight was exciting.

Number 47 is a draw-dropping thriller that left me speechless for hours. I remember sitting on the couch and resting the book on my lap after reading the last paragraph, completely blown away by what I just read. I can see this book becoming a movie and I would pay front row seats to watch it.

Would I Recommend It?

I could not possibly go on and explain my love for this book without throwing out spoilers and ruining it for anyone interested in reading it. This book is an absolute MUST-READ and I encourage anyone who enjoys thriller books to pick up this one or add it your TBR list (to-be-read list). Do not, I repeat DO NOT judge this book by it’s cover because you’d be surprised by what’s hidden between those white pages.

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5/5 star rating

(Click on the photo or book title below if you’re thinking of getting a copy of Number 47.)

Number 47

by Hannah R. Palmer
Genre: Thriller
Audience: 18+

What do you do when the person you love doesn’t love you back? You fight for them. Love isn’t meant to be easy and passion will not be ignored. But the real question is, how much do you fight? How far do you take it before love leans into obsession? For Sarah, there’s no other option but to fight. Read more…

Hannah R Palmer Author - YouTube

Hannah R. Palmer is an indie author who wrote Number 47 and was kind enough to send a copy to me. I met her through one of my favorite authors Victoria Wren and I am happy to say that Hannah is now another favorite author of mine.

Find Hannah R. Palmer here:

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