Book Review! Samurai: The Three Sons by Timothy Levester McCallum

by Day Shepard, May 20, 2021

Todays book review focuses on Samurai: The Three Sons by Timothy Levester McCallum. In this dark fantasy world filled with samurais, ninjas and knights, we enter the midst of a war while following three samurai brothers who are determined to protect their home.

My Thoughts

I normally don’t read novels that involve samurai and ninjas. Usually I read manga/comics for those types of stories. However, this book has encouraged me to search for more novels similar to this one. I am a fan of manga books like Naruto (a Japanese manga/tv series) and Samurai: The Three Sons reminds me of that manga.

What I liked most about this book was the well descriptive texts after every chapter that gave insight on the magic, or should I say mana, used in the book. Without it, I would have been lost and have no clue what the characters were doing. It added awareness to the story, filling in what readers needed to know.

The story was pretty easy to follow and the characters names were memorable, but because the story was so short it wasn’t enough to get a clear picture of the world the author created. And as for the characters, they showed little personality, not enough for readers to understand who they are as individuals.

Something I would have liked to see from this book is a map of all the places that were mentioned within it because it was difficult to keep track of them while reading. And honestly, the story itself could have been much longer and much more detailed, giving readers some history and background of this crazed war and the strong samurai trio.

Overall the story itself was intriguing and hooks you in by the first chapter. I’m not one to give any spoilers so all I can say is that my most favorite parts in the book was chapter 7 and the epilogue. That epilogue was quite the surprise and I am actually excited about getting the second book. (Samurai Tales: Legend of The Great Black Bear.)

Would I Recommend It?

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy comics and action-adventure video games like I do. Or to readers who enjoy reading short stories like this one.

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(Click on the photo or book title below if you’re thinking of getting a copy of Samurai: The Three Sons.)

Samurai: The Three Sons

by Timothy Levester McCallum
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Audience: Young adult, Adult

The Great Continent is at war. The nation of Shogun, home of the samurai; defends their lands from two invading forces. Eblan, a nation of ninjas and Kraken, the land of the knights. Together they seek to conquer the Shoguns. Now three brothers who are the sons of the legendary samurai known as the Great Black Bear, fight to defend their homeland and put a stop to this war once and for all. Welcome to the world Samurai. Read more…

Timothy Levester McCallum is an indie author who wrote Samurai: The Three Sons. His other works include Samurai Tales: Legend of The Great Black Bear which is the second book to Samurai: The Three Sons.

Find Timothy Levester McCallum here:

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