BOOK REVIEW + Giveaway | Knights of Avalon: Curse of the Shadow King by Joseph Harkreader

Curse of the Shadow King (Knights of Avalon Book 1) by [Joseph Harkreader]

Knights of Avalon: Curse of the Shadow King

Author: Joseph Harkreader
Publisher: Self-published
Cover Art Artist: Odette
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Audience: 16-18 years
Release Date: January 1, 2020

(Disclaimer: Spoiler-free)

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Centuries ago, Jasper Kain transformed into an immortal warrior when an ominous phantom known as the Shadow King seared mysterious circular runic designs into his palms, a curse with forbidden blood magic.

Demonic armies invade Japan and rampage through the streets of Tokyo, demolishing everything in sight. Vincent Angelo, an unhinged stranger appears, bearing the same cursed tattoos as Jasper, and answers to a dark prophecy foretelling the end of the world; hidden within the shadows of his fractured mind.

Jasper, together, with fellow Chosen Knights, Hanako, and Tenchi, face many perils while fighting against powerful mythological adversaries. The heroes cross realms and risk everything to awaken the Children of the Gods; The Holy Mages, who are sworn to protect the heart of magic, Avalon.


As you can see, this book is self-published and the genre is dark fantasy. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am the biggest fan of both self-published books and dark fantasy books. So of course I was very excited to get my hands on this one.

I’m a huge fanatic over characters and their personalities, development, engagement and realism. So whenever I read a book, I keep a sharp eye out for that. In this dark fantasy, the main character, Jasper, has a lot of personality. He’s quite snarky, but in a good way that would make you want to root for him. However that’s all you really know about him, his outspoken personality and how he engages with others. Since the beginning is so fast-paced, I couldn’t really get a grasp at who he was as a person, but you know enough to recognize him as a character who stands out.

Worldbuilding is another topic that I am a sucker for and the worldbuilding in this book was like a fantasy overload to me. It really gives you an immense scope of the world as you continue to read. However, it was difficult to picture the locations that the scenes were taking place in because the description for locations weren’t as detailed as the characters and engaging scenes.

What I found most promising and entertaining in this book were the many fight scenes that took place. All I’m going to say is that my favorite parts in the book are from chapter 12 to 14.

This book is truly an entrance to an imaginative world filled with adventure, action and magic. The plots, or should I say, the chapters were quite compelling by itself. There was never a dull moment in the book that made me want to put it down. Even the anime-like writing style that the book possessed was a huge factor for my interest in this unique fantasy experience.

Lastly, I’d like to comment on the beautiful artwork that was made for the cover of this epic fantasy story. I am obsessed with the details on it as well as the colors that were used. It showcases exactly what you get from this book. Darkness and very promising battles. (A quick appreciation to the artist, Odette, on Instagram. Thank you so much for drawing this masterpiece into existence.)

Would I recommend it?

Anyone who is a fan of anime, manga comics, dark fantasy and epic battles, this is definitely a book to get your hands on.

4/5 star ratings
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