30 Bookstagram Photo Ideas for Beginners

Ever since I become a bookstagrammer, I’ve learned a lot through experience and research. If there’s anything I could have changed about starting out on bookstagram, it would be having a list of book photography ideas to help me out with posting. At the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. But after many trials and errors with photography, I finally had control over what I would be posting.

I understand the struggles as a beginner bookstagrammer. Trying to take captivating photos for others to gaze at isn’t easy. That’s why I written out this list. To help those to overcome these struggles.

In this blog post, I will be listing 30 bookstagram photography ideas for beginner bookstagrammers and for anyone else who needs these ideas.

(Every photo you see below is either mine or my friends. So a big shoutout to them for allowing me to share their gorgeous photos! You can find them all on bookstagram by clicking their photos or usernames below!)

1. Book Flat Lay

This is the most common photo bookstagrammers take, especially for those who are new to the community. You lay a book down and take a picture by hovering a camera over the book. You can decorate the background to your liking. And the book doesn’t always have to be in the center.

2. Bookish Display

A bookish display is whatever you make it to be. In general, it is a photo of stacked books surrounded by random props, but you can really get creative with this one.

Here are some ideas for a bookish display: stack books with a single mug on top, surround a book stack with flowers, add in vinyl figurines with books, set up a tea-set next to a book stack, etc.

3. Holding a book

If you want to change things up and be subtle about it, taking a photo of your hand holding a book is perfect. And the background can be whatever you want it be or whatever fits your aesthetic.

4. Fairy Lights/String Lights

Fairy lights are an absolute must and you can get them pretty much anywhere, especially Amazon. I have two fairy lights; one is small and it goes over my corkboard and the other is so big it fits over two curtains of my window.

5. Page Folding

I remember the moment I discovered this photography idea. I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever that I planned half a day dedicated to photographing and editing photos like it.

6. Outfits Matching Book

I think this has to be the most fun bookish photography there is because you can dress up as the characters of a book or match the book cover art. And it’s also a double win if you want to do a Instagram reel.

7. Shelfie

Sadly, I do not have a shelf. So taking a shelfie is not an option for me, not for a long while. But I have seen many wonderful shelfie photos from others in the bookstagram community. So if you happen to have a shelf, even a small one, that would make a great shot for you to pose with.

8. Open Books Background

If you have a lot of hardcover books, this could be a perfect book photography idea for you.

Tip: You can use ripped book pages too.

9. Book Background

Not to get confused with the open book background.

10. Bookish Merch

There are so many bookish merch you can find in the bookstagram community, like book box subscriptions. They tend to include candles, art prints, bookmarks, stickers and whatever else is bookish.

11. Holding Book Stacks

Holding a stack of books is not fun, but it makes for a great bookish photo to post. There’s a few ways to hold them. You can spread the books. You can show the spine of the books or the edges. Or you can even let the books stand up right and somehow make that work.

Quick tip for this one. Make sure to keep some pillows or any other cushions around you on the floor in case some of the books fall.

12. Bookshelf

What does your bookshelf look like? What props do you keep on it? Is it decorated? Well, show us! We want to see what your bookshelf looks like. Bookshelves are the type of photos that generally get more likes than other bookish photos. And if I had a bookshelf, I would certainly show it off. But sadly, I’ll have to wait on that.

13. Pose with Book

Let’s not confuse this with numbers 3, 6 and 11. In a way, all of these are pretty similar, but you don’t want to dress up to match your book covers or hold a stack of them every time. Sometimes, it’s just easier to do a simple pose with a book and leave it at that.

14. Legs and Books

The floor. The bed. The outdoors. You can be anywhere and still take a nice photo of some books with your legs somewhere in the frame. Maybe holding a mug too.

15. Drinks and Food

I’ve seen many bookstagrammers do this and I think it’s wonderful. Foods like pastries on plates are cute and fun. Drinks like coffee and tea in mugs makes the photos seem cozy and calm.

16. Pets

17. Bookcart

18. Audiobooks

19. Coffeeshops

20. Ebook

21. Local Library

22. Bookish Adventure

23. Books in a Bag

24. Photoshop with books

25. Reading Nook

26. Books in the Wild

27. Book Cart

28. Open Book

29. Books in Bed

30. Bookish Art

Thank You!

If you would like more content like this one my blog, feel free to comment below the bookish content that you want! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through the list of photo ideas. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

If you want to get to know me or contact me, you can follow me on my Instagram @dayshepard.writer or email me at dayshepard.author@gmail.com.

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  1. These are all really good ideas. Thank you. :3


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