ARC BOOK REVIEW | Wild Spirit: Huntress by Victoria Wren

Wild Spirit: Huntress (Second book)

Author: Victoria Wren
Publisher: Self-published
Cover Art Artist: Thea Magerand
Genre: YA Fiction
Audience: 16-18 years
Release Date: August 8, 2021

(Disclaimer: Spoiler-free)

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Win is settling into her new life in Cedar wood. For the first time in years, her family is reunited, and Win is having the time of her life, hanging out with her new friends Luke and Ella and learning to live and accept her newfound power. And to make it a perfect summer, Win is hopelessly in love with Grayson, the mysterious hunter, a man who knows more about her family than she realizes.

But Win’s summer crashes to a halt. Tormented by a vision of the past, Win is tasked with finding Iris, a lost soul who holds a vital clue to her family’s curse. As Win’s calling rapidly approaches, she becomes out of control and hot-headed, blinded by her infatuation and terrified for her grandfather, who seems to be getting weaker as she is growing more powerful.

Huntress is the thrilling follow-up to ‘The Curse of Win Adler’, a story of love, trust, and unbreakable family bonds.


I received a free, advanced copy of Wild Spirit: Huntress in exchange for an honest review and once again, I have been amazed by the talented author, Victoria Wren.

Before I get into this review, I would just like to say that I adore the Wild Spirit series. It has everything that I personally love in books; contemporary fiction, a magic system, animal shapeshifting, likeable characters, an actual storyline to follow along and just the perfect touch of romance.

Wild Spirit: Huntress is the second book to Wild Spirit: The Curse of Win Adler. I’ve already mentioned that I liked this series, but I haven’t really said why. So here’s my major reason as to why I like it: this series seems to have the storyline, magic system and characters all figured out. In some books, a lot of that is scattered around and can be a pain to read, but not for Wild Spirit.

The plots and writing style are my favorite parts about this book. There were twists and turns that surprised me as I read and that’s all I really need when reading a fiction book. As for the writing style, it was almost graceful. It was easy to read and follow along with the story without having to go back and reread a page.

I personally like reading books with intense moments between characters. By intense moments I mean problems that are deep within the characters and do not only show on the surface. I want to be able to relate to characters by what they’re feeling and how they express those feelings. Even though this book (and the series) is in the third perspective, I sometimes wish I could read the characters’ point of views. I feel like this would have helped me in general to get a more understanding of their inner struggles.

I have to be honest, I’m still skeptical about the Native Americans being told in this story. There’s not much information on them in this series yet, but I am quite nervous to see what will be told of them. As a Native American myself, I find these types of sensitive topics in books (by white authors) to be, well, interesting and nerve-racking. I just hope this book will be respectful towards the topic.

Overall, this book/series is like nothing I’ve ever read. From the beginning, I felt a deep connection to the first Wild Spirit book which happened to be the first book I bought when I joined bookstagram. So obviously this series holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to reading what will come next of Win Adler’s adventures.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! I’d most likely recommend it to younger readers since that’s who the target audience are.

5/5 Star Rating

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